Network Casting Expectant Moms For Riverside Reality Series

UPDATED: Wednesday December 8, 2010 1:41 PM

A unique casting call is underway and producers are looking for women who are expecting.

Riverside Methodist Hospital will be the set of televisions' newest reality series, called "One Born Every Minute," 10TV's Tracy Townsend reported.

Producers are looking for expectant moms planning to give birth at Riverside this fall, and willing to star in a reality series.

The show chronicles the life-changing moment of birth and is a smash hit in its second season in the United Kingdom.

The first season of the U.S. version will be filmed by mounted cameras in four labor and delivery rooms at Riverside, Townsend reported.

"We were ecstatic, I can't wait to see the excellence that goes on with our staff, in our unit, highlighted," said Riverside Nurse Manager Mary Englehart.

Englehart and her staff will be highlighted during their shifts, which run around the clock, seven days a week, but the real stars of the show will be the parents and their new babies. 

Riverside was chosen from at least 10 hospitals in America, in part because more than 6,000 babies are born there annually, Townsend reported. 

Amber Hulme will soon add two more to those statistics; she is scheduled to give birth to twins in November and may be included in the series.
"I went through a lot of infertility (issues) to get pregnant so to tell my story will be fun," Hulme said.

Doctors said stories like Hulmes' are what will make their work, and the show, worth watching.

The series will air on Lifetime Network.

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