New Treatment Could 'Freeze' Away Fat

UPDATED: Monday September 27, 2010 4:01 PM

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a treatment to give fat the deep freeze.

Dr. Mary Beth Mudd is the first in Ohio to use the technology on her patients, 10TV's Andrea Cambern reported.

Devonne Beh exercises and watches her diet but after two children, she said she has an area of resistant fat.


"I still have a very resistant area below my navel," Beh said. "I call it my pooch, and I don't want it anymore."

Mudd, family practitioner who also offers cosmetic treatments, uses Zeltique, a non-invasive and permanent fat removal system.

It works by freezing fat cells, to damage them, causing the body to get rid of them, Cambern reported.

"Fat will freeze at a higher temperature than what it takes to freeze muscle or skin. So we're able to not cause frostbite," Mudd said. "The body recognizes that as a dead, damaged cell and will send little immune system Pac Men to eat the cell up in the next four months."

Once destroyed, the cells will not come back.

Mudd said the procedure works best on people who are healthy, in shape and patient.

The procedure costs between $1,500 and $3,000 and is not covered by insurance.

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