PlayStation 'Move' Takes Aim At Wii

UPDATED: Tuesday November 23, 2010 4:55 PM
Sony PlayStation is getting into the motion controller game, and hopes to compete with the Nintendo Wii.

The new "Move" system hopes to take the technology launched by Wii a step further, 10TV's Andy Hirsch reported on Tuesday.

When the Wii hit store shelves in 2006, it revolutionized gaming with its motion detecting controllers.

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The game system is now used for everything from helping people rehab from injuries, to getting people in shape, and has received the American Heart Association's stamp of approval, Hirsch reported.

The company's rival, PlayStation, is hoping to catch up with the Wii's success with its Move product.

If you a swing your arm or throw a ball, both systems pick up the motion, but unlike the Wii, the Move uses a camera attached to a sensor on top of the PlayStation controller. 

That lets the Move detect whether the player is moving closer or farther away, giving them an extra dimension that the Wii does not offer, Hirsch reported.

Move also superimposes whatever tool the player is supposed to be using onto the screen, so instead of controlling a character, the gamer is moving an actual object. 

For some games the camera actually puts players in the action. 

A new PlayStation with Move will cost about $400.  If you already have the system, it costs about $100 to add on the Move equipment, Hirsch reported.

There are about 20 compatible games on the market and PlayStation expects to expand the library.

In November, Microsoft is expected to introduce its latest gaming system, the Xbox Kinect, which features an add-on that lets gamers play with no remote control.

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