Holy Cow! 2 Cows Get Loose On Ohio State Campus

UPDATED: Tuesday April 27, 2010 1:46 PM

For the second time in two weeks, life in Columbus was slightly disrupted because of farm animals that escaped their quarters.

On Wednesday, two cows were seen running around the Ohio State University campus, 10TV News reported.

One of the cows was corralled shortly before 3 p.m., 10TV's Lindsey Seavert reported. The second cow was tranqulized and corralled a short time later, Seavert reported.

SLIDESHOW:  Images From Scene

A photo that was sent to Twitter from Ohio State football player Jonathan Newsome showed one of the cows.

The farm animals stopped many students in their tracks.  Video taken by Chopper 10 showed hundreds of students stopping to watch the animals go by.

The cows got loose from the university's veterinary buildings, which are nearby, Seavert reported. They were being transported to the hospital and were accidentally let out of their trailer by their owner, an Ohio State spokeswoman said.

The first cow was caught quickly in a field, but the second cow was harder to corral and was caught closer to the hospital, the spokeswoman said.

Campus employees, including public safety, had to use a watering hose to lead one of the cows to a waiting trailer.

On April 8, a pregnant cow that was being transported to Ohio State escaped along Interstate 70.  Traffic was stopped briefly along the road while the animal was corralled.  She later gave birth at Ohio State.

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