Programs Help Women Keep Homes

UPDATED: Monday January 18, 2010 1:59 PM

More women are turning to sisterhood to prevent foreclosure as a local foundation is trying to help single women keep their homes.

A new study shows about one in every 50 homeowners in Ohio received a foreclosure notice in 2009, 10TV's Andrea Cambern reported Friday.

Jennifer Green's Kirkersville house has been her home for seven years, but she is now worried about losing it to foreclosure.


"This home is the only place that my children have known," Green said. "It's been very stressful, stressful year."

Green went through divorce from her second husband last March. She said her first husband rarely sends child support.

Green works fulltime, but needs a loan modification to keep the house, and recently turned to The Women's Fund of Central Ohio.

"We raise money and make grants to create social change for women and girls," said Nichole Dunn, with the fund. "We want to make sure that whatever we fund today is going to have a long-term impact in the next five years and 10 years."

The fund also gave a grant to Homes On The Hill to help single women like Green prevent foreclosure.

"When I first tried to contact my mortgage company, it was an hour wait just to get a live person on the phone," Green said.

So many people are trying to get loans modified that Ellen Bardeen, manager of the Homes On The Hill program, said the process can be both time consuming and frustrating for homeowners.

"The loan servicers are overwhelmed," Bardeen said.

Homes On The Hill does most of the work for troubled homeowners; meaning lots of paperwork, phone calls and patience.

"Honestly I don't know how an individual does it on their own without the help of a housing counselor," Bardeen said.

Green hopes to get her loan modification approved by spring.

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