December Is Busy Time For Plastic Surgeons

UPDATED: Tuesday December 15, 2009 4:12 PM

A plastic surgeon said that December is one of his busiest months of the year as patients choose pick-me-ups for parties, or even surgery, during year-end vacations.

10TV News caught up with Laura Silette as she received a touch-up to her lips for the holiday season from Dr. Brian Dorner.

Dorner, a cosmetic surgeon, used filler called Prevelle.


"I like the results," Silette said.  "It gives me a soft, natural look.  It makes my lips fuller.  I'm going to be 40 this month so I just want to make myself look fresher, younger, more youthful."

Dorner said that he has found the more he uses the products on patients, the longer they last.

"Nobody's quite sure why yet, but the theory is you get a little bit of your own collagen that builds up behind it, and then that collagen is what makes the results last longer," Dorner said.

According to Dorner, there are a lot of new methods that women can use to freshen up their looks with almost no down time.

There are muscle relaxants to banish wrinkles, or fillers to plump lips, conceal bags under the eyes or smooth lines around the mouth.

"They're very powerful products in the right hands, to give a nice, quick, sort of lunchtime lift for people," Dorner said.

For Silette, a few minutes under the needle is time and money well spent.

"Everybody wants to look their best during the holidays so, and this is an affordable alternative to plastic surgery," Silette said.

While the non-surgical cosmetic procedures may cost several hundred dollars, they also last for several months.  However, they are not covered by insurance.

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