New Program Offers Cash For Old Appliances

UPDATED: Thursday December 10, 2009 2:06 PM

The U.S. Department of Energy approved $11 million in rebate money for consumers who trade in their old appliances for new ones.

The state of Ohio will give approximately 90,000 rebates beginning in 2010. Consumers will receive $100 off a new Energy Star dishwasher and refrigerator.  A $150 rebate will be given for washers.  Another $100 rebate will be offered for high efficiency gas water heaters and consumers will receive $250 for electric pump water heaters.

The new rebate offers were enough to make some consumers think twice before buying new appliance before the program goes into effect.

"I'm the type of person that will shop to figure out where the best deal is, but $100 is $100 bucks," shopper Sue George said.

The new program has been compared to the well-known Cash For Clunkers program.  However, there will be one difference; consumers will not have to turn in the old appliances to get the rebate.  Anyone who buys a star energy qualified appliance will be eligible.
The program is unlike the well known cash for clunkers program- you don't have to bring the old appliance to get the rebate. Anyone who buys a Energy Star qualified appliance is eligible.

The cash for appliances program will begin in 2010.

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