Woman Wants Book About Sex Banned From Library

UPDATED: Friday December 4, 2009 10:42 PM

A woman is campaigning to permanently take a book off library shelves, 10TV's Cara Connelly reported Thursday.

Marti Shigley said she found the book on the shelf at her local library - according to her - available right at a child's eye level.

"When I opened it, I could not believe how graphic it was, and I thought my word if one of those kids had picked this up and looked inside of it they would have been ruined for life," Shigley said.

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The library's director, Matt Nojonen, said the book in question, a sexual health manual, is in the adult section and he stands behind the book.

"There is a demand for them the other manuals and the books that we have on the subject are frequently borrowed," Nojonen said.

Shigley said she does not just want the book out of a child's reach, she wants it gone for good.

Nojonen said he fears when you take every book off the shelf that someone objects to, you may have nothing left.

"Our policies very clearly state that we will buy books that represent all sides of issues," Nojonen said.

Pataskala resident John Glaze said he wants the shelves at his library to stay full.

"When you start yanking books off the shelf then we all need to start wearing swastikas," Glaze said.

Leah Swan disagrees and said she brings her daughter, Caroline, to the library, and worries the book could fall into the wrong hands.

"I think free speech can sometimes be abused in the name of getting weird and bizarre," Swan said.

The library's advisory board heard Shigley's complaint and decided to keep the book in the collection if they can get it back, Connelly reported.

Shigley checked it out and said she does not plan to return it.

"It may cost me a little bit of money but I don't want anyone else to see this book," Shigley said.

The library said that if Shigley fails to return the book, they may revoke her library card.

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