Despite Crash, Races To Continue At Speedway

UPDATED: Wednesday May 27, 2009 1:11 PM

The owner of the Columbus Motor Speedway said on Sunday that he plans to fix a concrete wall that was shattered after two buses crashed into it during a school bus race.

Ten people were injured when pieces of concrete flew into the stands, 10TV News reported.

The Columbus Division of Fire told 10TV News that three spectators who were listed in critical condition were faring better on Sunday night.

The crash occurred at about 10:35 p.m. on Saturday during a Crash-A-Rama event, 10TV  News reported.

Two school buses were racing figure eights on the track when the lead bus was hit from behind by another bus.  Video taken from the speedway showed the lead bus crashing into a concrete restraining wall.  The impact caused the concrete to fly into the crowd.

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"To us, it looked like small pieces of concrete and dust coming into the crowd," said Lisa Hoyt, who was a spectator in the race.  "It just looked like the concrete busted up into small pieces and went flying."

Witnesses said that it did not seem that the buses were traveling fast at the time of the crash.

"Every Saturday night there's some sort of an accident," said owner Jeff Nuckles. Nuckles son was behind the wheel of a bus that flipped on its side Saturday night. He was not injured.

Nuckles said he will now evaluate the bus racing event to determine if it's appropriate.

Nuckles wants to get the wall fixed for next weekend's events.

"The holidays have us a little bit behind the eight ball, but hopefully we'll have some folks here today, this afternoon or tomorrow to take a look at the concrete," said Nuckles, "I'm cautiously optimistic for Saturday night."

Saturday's incident occurred a little over a month after a platform collapsed at the speedway, injuring six people, 10TV News reported.

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