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UPDATED: Thursday September 11, 2008 12:51 PM

[Bux4Life] Dom, is Beanie good to go?

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[Dom Tiberi] Coach Tressel is getting ready to address that at his news confernce which is getting started here in a few moments. I think he will be good to go. I think it will be like last year with the ankle injury he had. He will have good days and bad days.

[Bux4Life] What about you? Do you think Ohio State has a chance this weekend?

[Dom Tiberi] I am on record as saying Ohio State will win 28 to 17.

[Dom Tiberi] Not going to be easy USC has a great team.

[Dom Tiberi] hi all

[candace] hi dom. will pryor be used more on saturday than he was against OU?

[dotybear] hi dom was the bucks that bad or were they just looking ahead i know tress wouldn't admit to them doing that

[Dom Tiberi] I would say no. This is a huge game and I am sure Tress is going to play it close to the vest. Pryor struggled against OU.... USC is a major step up. But with that said he is only one injuury away from playing.

[Dom Tiberi] That was a bowl game for OU so the Bucks got their best shot. Plus I think OSU was looking ahead to the USC game. It is only human nature.

[rizzy] I have heard a rumor going around today that Beanie has a torn ligament in his toe and after this week he will more thank likley be done for the year. Any truth to this at all?

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[dotybear] i miss cols sports since i moved to tx but still wear my buckeys colors

[Dom Tiberi] Have not heard that one. I saw him the other day and he was moving fine and said he felt fine.

[dotybear] is pryor listed as num 2 now ?
[candace] what is your biggest concern heading into the USC game?

[Dom Tiberi] as we understand it from the coach Pryor is the number 2 quarterback.

[Dom Tiberi] USC has a great defense and outstanding linebackers. They also have a very talented offense that lit up Virginia. These guys are very good in all aspects of the game.

[Bux4Life] Dom, aren't you a little worried that USC will spread us out and make us vulnerable? OU did it and made us look bad...

[Dom Tiberi] I know USC saw that and will try to exploit the Buckeye Defense. If I was Coach Tressel I would be a lot worried about that.

[candace] give us your prediction for saturday!

[Dom Tiberi] I think OSU will win 28 to 17. I think Ohio State is much and I mean Much better than what we saw on Saturday. I hope I am not wrong.

[candace] thanks dom. i don't live in ohio but love your website for buckeye coverage!!! =)

[dotybear] with the talent we have coming back to the offence we should be able to hold our own against usc im just afraid tress will hold it to close to his vest ha ha

[dotybear] what about travel time and jet lag when do they fly out there ?

[Dom Tiberi] I am a little dissapointed in the offensive line play. I though the line was terrible on Saturday.

[Dom Tiberi] Buckeyes are leaving Thursday at 2pm so they should be fine. No Jet Lag.

 [dotybear] << watches dom all time in ohio miss wbns coverage live but go to website all the time i live close to smu where football isnt as big as osu

[candace] are our backup running backs really that bad?

[Dom Tiberi] I think they are only as good as the guys blocking. The O Line needs to improve.

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[jg12] Is the press conference up yet?

[Dom Tiberi] Yes it is. Tress making opening statement. Says USC is a great team. With great players.

[10TV MODERATOR] JG12...the news conference is up.

[rizzy] Any idea if the band will get to go out to USC? I think that is a mistake not going. They are a huge boost to players morale espically when they are so far away from home.

zfosu] do you think pryor will get more playing time against usc while the game is still in doubt unlikesaturday against ohio

[Dom Tiberi] Checking on the band for you.

[Bukibill] Hey Dom, it's Bukibill from

[Dom Tiberi] Pryor played early in the OU game but was not very effective.

[Dom Tiberi] Hi Bill.

[Dom Tiberi] the band is not going to USC.

[Bux4Life] Hey Dom...are you going to Los Angeles? Have an extra room (or ticket) available? lol.

[Dom Tiberi] Tressel said he thought Beanie ran well yesterday.

[Bukibill] Beanie ran really well yesterday

[Dom Tiberi] No going to LA. Let me work on the ticket. Starting up the printing machine right now.

[Dom Tiberi] That is what Tressel just said.

[candace] i read that story on your website and saw your interview with gee about the helmet decals. is the team wearing the decal the whole season or was it just for the OU game?

[abdullatif03] Hello Dom. Do you know think Tressel held Beanie out against OU to let the other backs get palying time to prepare for USC?

[Dom Tiberi] yes they are

[zfosu] i heard that pryor was to enter the game with osu up 19-14 but small returned the punt so he didnt enter the game until the next series up 26-14.. so dont you think pryor will get more meaningful snaps against usc
[Dom Tiberi] He kept Beanie out to give him some extra time to heal up for the USC game.

[Dom Tiberi] Not sure. Pryor also played early in the game and did not look real good. Almost threw and interception. This is a huge game. A lot of pressure to put on a young guy.

[abdullatif03] Who is 2nd string QB

[Bukibill] Rumor is Pryor will play early and often!

[JonGaud] Didn't he only play 1 series? Prior to the end when he made OU look like they were running in slow motion?

[Bukibill] He's the "X factor"......

[Dom Tiberi] He went in the 4th series of the game and did not look real good.

[Dom Tiberi] Pryor is 2nd string

[Bukibill] Pryor will keep the USC defense on their heals instead of their toes

[abdullatif03] Do u really think he can handle that big game "pryor"

[Dom Tiberi] I thinjk Pryor is a great athlete.... But I am not sure he is ready for this game.

[jg12] I think Pryor needs to be in the game in the Red Zone...we can't continue to settle for FGs

[Dom Tiberi] Bill I am not sure where you are getting your info. I have not heard any of that.

[luvmybux3] I would love for us to be able to use Pryor for an added dimension, however consistancy works better for Boeckman (I believe).

[Bukibill] Hey Dom, Bucknuts is having our Golf outing the Friday b4 the Minn game at Tarton East....wanna play?

[Bukibill] wink

[Dom Tiberi] Fridays are no good my man.

[abdullatif03] Nice chatin Dom Young and the Restless is coming on

[zfosu] do you know anything about the suspensions of washington and o'neal and whether they will be available or play in the game against usc?

[Dom Tiberi] I like Todd Boeckamn. This is his year. next year will be Pryors year.

[Bukibill] both will play

[luvmybux3] I agree jg12. We aren't gonna win by settling for field goals..not agains USC

[candace] our offense line seemed slow and confused against OU. shouldn't usc defenders be licking their chops?

[Dom Tiberi] Tress has not said yet. Both were suspended for the first 2 games. Assume they will be ok to play.

[luvmybux3] HOPEFULLY beanie will be back and hungry !

[Dom Tiberi] I thought the O Line was not very good on Saturday.

[luvmybux3] I've heard rumors..that could have been part of Tressels plan... what do you think

[Dom Tiberi] Pryor is a great athlete but let's not make him better than he is. A year ago he was playing High School football.

[Dom Tiberi] What rumors

[Bukibill] Jam O told me a few days ago that both DW and he will play against USC.....Jam O looks great BTW

[candace] has anything surprised you about big ten teams at the start of the season?

[luvmybux3] That with the way the guys played..that he didnt want to show USC everyone played very conservative..

[Dom Tiberi] Over all I think Big Ten is weak. Penn State looks to be pretty good.

[Dom Tiberi] Did you hear his Voice after the game. Tress was not happy with how they played.

[Bukibill] We should have our first commit for the 2010 class this week
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[luvmybux3] He didnt seem happy.. but he is so hard to read.

[Dom Tiberi] He was not happy on the sidelines. His voice was shot because he was yelling. He is not a yeller.

[Bux4Life] My prediction: USC 20, OSU 13. What does everyone else think?

[Bukibill] JT Moore from Youngstown Boardman HS

[luvmybux3] Boeckman worries me when he has to scramble or there's pressure...

[jg12] I don't recall any "read option" plays ran by pryor a/g Ohio. That seemed to work extremely well a/g YSU. The camera couldn't find the ball and this has given USC fits in the past (minus ILL last year)

[JonGaud] He can't seem to handle it...thats shown in multiple games

[luvmybux3] Positive thinking !

[luvmybux3] I going out on a limb and saying OSU 28; USC 24

[candace] USC 29-17

[Dom Tiberi] osu 28 to 17

[Bux4Life] bill..what about you?

[jg12] Osu 38 usc 21

[luvmybux3] woo hoo !

[JonGaud] osu 24 usc 10

[luvmybux3] I feel more positive about this game than I did about the last 2 NC games

[jg12] I think we're going to need over 30 to win this thing.

[Bukibill] Bucks over USC 27-24

 [Bux4Life] nice!

[Dom Tiberi] I think Boeckman is going to have a great game.

[candace] really?

[Bux4Life] you think we can put more than 30 points up against USC?

[luvmybux3] I need to start drinking now lol...i get really nervous watching !

[JonGaud] Let's hope this is his one break out game like last year against Penn State

[Dom Tiberi] He has been in the battles.

[Dom Tiberi] Boekman is better than you all think.

[JonGaud] He's been in battles, but that doesn't mean hes been effective in them

[luvmybux3] Truthfully... if we happen to lose..very slim chance :)..would we fall very far in the rankings?

[Dom Tiberi] Yes

[Dom Tiberi] 10th 11th

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[jg12] Dom, what are your thoughts on the 11 point spread?

[luvmybux3] even though they are the #1 team?

[Dom Tiberi] OSU dropped the last 2 weeks with wins. What will happen with a loss.

[luvmybux3] true.. it only matters where you are ranked at the end... Does USC play stanford again  

[jg12] Seems somewhat high for a team returning 19 starters?

[Dom Tiberi] Point spread is where I thought it would be. OSU looked terrible against OU. USC looked great against Virginia. The spread will drop as more and more Buckeye fans take the points.

[candace] if osu loses, will this mean bye-bye to the national championship game?

[Dom Tiberi] they play Stanford on I think Nov 15th

[luvmybux3] Im on the Stanford wagon !

[jg12] Yes.

[Dom Tiberi] The National Title hopes will be on life support. A lot of Buckeye haters out there.

[luvmybux3] I'll take a Rose Bowl !

[Dom Tiberi] Pasadena is noce

[Dom Tiberi] nice

[Bux4Life] Dom, in your opinion, who is the best team in the country?

[luvmybux3] Thanks Dom.. Appreciate you chatting.. gotta get to work GO BUCKS !

[Dom Tiberi] bye

[Dom Tiberi] Ask me who the best is after this game.

[Bukibill] O.....H.......

[Bukibill] thx Dom

[Dom Tiberi] io

[Bux4Life] IO!

[candace] do you think osu has only revealed part of its playbook so USC would be surprsed with new formations and different plays?

[Dom Tiberi] see ya bill

[Dom Tiberi] They will have new things in store for USC. You can take that to the bank.

[10TV MODERATOR] Tressel is wrapping up, so we'll wrap up this chat as well. Any last questions for Dom?

[candace] IO

[Dom Tiberi] bye all thanks for stopping by.

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