10TV News Presents Wendy's Test Kitchen

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  • The recently-renovated Wendy’s Company headquarters.
  • tom dubanowich
    Winston Rd. store,11898 Chase Plaza Dr.,Cincinnati, OH 45240
  • The new Wendy’s logo.
  • Sleek and modern interiors.
  • A modern lunchroom.
  • The Wendy’s campus, fall 2013.
  • The innovation center.
  • Back in the day
  • The latest creation: The Pretzel Pub Chicken Sandwich.
  • Wendy’s food scientists and staff working on personal ideas for new products.
  • Developing a new vegetable concept.
  • The main kitchen for development.
  • A mirror of a Wendy’s restaurant kitchen to see how ideas translate from the chef’s kitchen to the restaurant.
  • Mmmm… Bacon.
  • Ideas for different kinds of mustard options.
  • A burger in concept.
  • Topped off with a cherry.
  • Another vegetable-based idea.
  • A dessert idea.
  • Jerry Revish goes inside Wendy’s top-secret Innovation Center