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  • Wednesday, Nov 10: Tina Herrmann (center) and her children, Sarah and Kody (right) Maynard, vanish. Stephanie Sprang (left), a family friend, also disappears.
  • Thursday, Nov. 11: Tina Herrmann is reported missing after failing to show up for work. Her children are also absent from school.
  • Thursday, Nov. 11: Herrmann's pickup is found parked at Kenyon College, located in Gambier, a few miles from the family's home in Howard. The school is locked down as a precaution.
  • Friday, Nov. 12: As search efforts continue, investigators release new information about what was found in Tina Herrmann's home, including blood in two locations.
  • Saturday, Nov. 13: Family, friends and volunteers join law enforcement in searching portions of Knox County. Nothing substantial is found.
  • Sunday, Nov. 14: One of the missing, Sarah Maynard, 13, is found bound and gagged in the basement of a home on Old Columbus Road. The other three missing people are not found.
  • Sunday, Nov. 14: Matthew Hoffman is arrested and charged with kidnapping Sarah Maynard. Authorities say he is uncooperative with their investigation.
  • Monday, Nov. 15: Search teams focus their efforts on Foundation Park, located a short distance from the home where Sarah Maynard was found. Investigators are seen leaving the area with bags of evidence. Boats and helicopters are used in the search.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 16: Facing a kidnapping charge, Matthew Hoffman appears in court and is ordered held on a $1 million bond. He says nothing during the bond hearing.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 17: Search teams find a blue sweatshirt in the woods near the home of Tina Herrmann and her son, Kody Maynard. The sweatshirt is similar to what investigators say Kody was last seen wearing.
  • Thursday, Nov. 18: Sheriff David Barber confirms that the remains of Tina Herrmann, Kody Maynard and Stephanie Sprang were found in a wooded area near Fredericktown.
  • Thursday, Jan. 6: Matthew Hoffman pleads guilty to 10 charges in the case and is sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.