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  • MARCH 31, 2008: Two women, Vanessa Stout (pictured, left) and Cindy Stankoski (pictured, right), file sexual harassment complaints against Anthony Gutierrez, the office's director of general services, for Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann.
  • APRIL 7, 2008: Dann places Anthony Gutierrez (pictured) on paid leave while an investigation is conducted that Gutierrez sexually harassed Stout and Stankoski.
  • APRIL 8, 2008: Dann (pictured) removes himself from the investigation because he said he was a potential witness.
  • APRIL 9, 2008: Dann said that it would be improper to allow another agency to investigate Gutierrez, 10 Investigates reported.
  • APRIL 14, 2008: Dann placed Leo Jennings III (pictured), his communications chief, on administrative leave citing new information received in a sexual harassment investigation. Jennings shared a northwest side condominium with Dann and Jennings, where some of the sexual harassment allegations took place.
  • APRIL 16, 2008: Documents released from the attorney general's office show complaints from Stankoski and Stout that Gutierrez pressured them to have sex with him and made numerous sexually-charged comments. Dann brushes off suggestions that he might resign because of the allegations.
  • APRIL 17, 2008: Stout and Stankoski file a formal complaint, saying that Gutierrez pressured them for sex, 10 Investigates reported.
  • APRIL 18, 2008: Stankoski files a criminal complaint against Gutierrez with Columbus police, 10TV News reported.
  • APRIL 22, 2008: Police said that no criminal charges would be filed against Gutierrez.
  • APRIL 23, 2008: One of the female staffers who said she was sexually harassed by Gutierrez claimed that he damaged his car after a night of drinking, 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported.
  • APRIL 29, 2008: Stout's father, Chris (pictured), told 10 Investigates that Gutierrez backed into his truck and left visible damage before leaving the scene of the crash.
  • APRIL 30, 2008: The attorney for Stankoski said that his client's desk was ransacked while she was on vacation the previous week.
  • MAY 1, 2008: Dann's top nonlegal adviser, Edgar C. Simpson, resigns instead of being fired. Jessica Utovich, Dann's scheduler, resigns.
  • MAY 2, 2008: Gutierrez and Jennings are fired after an internal investigation of the sexual harassment complaints is released. Dann later announces he had an affair with an employee inside his office. Ohio Republicans demand that Dann resign.
  • MAY 4, 2008: Newspapers across Ohio, including the Columbus Dispatch, call for Dann's resignation.
  • MAY 5, 2008: 10TV News reports Gov. Ted Strickland and other top Democrats sent a letter to Dann the previous day, urging him to resign from his position as the state's top lawyer.
  • MAY 6, 2008: Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted (pictured) said all the facts were needed before impeachment was sought. "I think we could be setting dangerous precedent," Husted said. "That is why we need to gather all of the facts."
  • MAY 7, 2008: An employee inside Dann's office spoke with 10 Investigates and says the sex scandal is a growing distraction among the office's 1,400 employees. He also said he believed it was time for Dann to resign from office, 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported.
  • MAY 8, 2008: 10 Investigates reported that Dann has hired a political consultant from Texas who specializes in political counter-attacks.
  • MAY 10, 2008: Members of the Ohio Democratic Party executive committee vote to strip Dann of their 2006 endorsement, essentially leaving him without any support from his political party, 10TV News reported.
  • MAY 13, 2008: House Democrats file articles of impeachment against Dann, charging him with nine counts relating to the sexual harassment scandal. An emergency bill expanding Inspector General Tom Charles' (pictured) authority passes quickly and is signed into law to conduct an inquiry into Dann's office.
  • MAY 14, 2008: With Strickland by his side, Dann announces his resignation as Attorney General, effective immediately.
  • MAY 15, 2008: Charles announces that numerous people are coming forward with information about Dann. He also says multiple agencies -- state and federal -- will assist in the probe.