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  • Cindy Stankoski, 26, is one of two women who filed a sexual harassment complaint. According to the complaint, she awakened and found her pants undone and Anthony Gutierrez -- her boss as director of general services and Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann's friend and neighbor -- next to her in his underwear.
  • Gutierrez, 50, who is paid $87,500 a year, was placed on paid leave April 7.
  • Vanessa Stout, 26, said in her complaint that Gutierrez made comments like "you owe me" for getting her hired -- calling him a "pervert." Stout claimed she could feel Gutierrez looking at her.
  • Communication Director Leo Jennings was put on paid leave from his $102,000 job on April 14 when Dann said information regarding his conduct in the investigation became known.
  • Dann shared his Dublin condominium with Gutierrez and Jennings. He said he won't resign and is following internal standards on sexual harassment complaints and doing an investigation led by his office as the first step.