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Dan Konik worked at television stations in Gainesville, Fla., and in West Palm Beach, Fla., before he returned to his home state of Ohio in 1993. 

The Vermilion native and Ohio University graduate said he loves knowing what is going on in the community and that drives him to be the best photographer he can be.

"I enjoy the fact that people turn to us for information that's really important to them," Konik said.

There are too many favorite stories that Konik has covered, but he said he was thrilled to cover Pope John Paul II's visit to the Eastern Seaboard in 1995.

Konik enjoys scouting, American history and swears by his XM radio because of his love for music. 

He is married and is proud of his two busy children, one a preteen and the other a teenager.

RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award
Numerous Emmy Nominations
10TV Employee of the Month

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