Paul Aker

10 Investigates Reporter

10 Investigates Reporter

Paul Aker is the lead investigative reporter for 10TV News HD's, 10 Investigates unit.

Paul specializes in exposing fraud, corruption, government waste and wrongdoing.  Over his career, he has been honored with numerous awards for his stories that hold the powerful accountable, including several Emmy awards.  Most recently, Aker was honored with an Edward R. Murrow award for his coverage that exposed corruption in the office of former Attorney General Marc Dann.

Paul is not only passionate about investigative reporting, but also about the public's right to know.  He has sat on an advisory board to the Washington State Legislature and worked with other officials to improve the public's access to information.

Paul most recently worked as a Bureau Chief for Seattle's NBC affiliate, KING-5, and as an investigative reporter at KAKE-TV in Wichita, Kan.

Paul graduated from Capital University Law School Magna Cum Laude. There, he served on law review as an associate editor and published a forthcoming article on Ohio’s Public Records Act.  He graduated from Willamette University with a Bachelor's Degree in Rhetoric and Media Studies. He recently passed the Ohio bar exam to become a lawyer.

Paul loves gangster movies, reading classic literature, American History and hanging out at bookstores. 

Additional Info

First TV Appearance: As an intern. The back of my head was featured.
Career Role Model: Bob Woodward
Dream Job: 60 Minutes
Hidden Talent: I can blow smoke rings without smoking.
Siblings: Eight.
Favorite Musician: Elvis Presley
Favorite Movie Star: Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro
First Concert: Rolling Stones
News Philosophy: Ethical decision, fair reporting and aggressive search for the truth.
Favorite Books: "In Cold Blood," "Of Mice And Men," "All The President's Men"
Best Part About Living In Central Ohio: So much to do... so little traffic!
Anything else about me that people should know: You don't want to be on the fairway to my right.

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