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For general sales information or inquiries - Contact 10TV at the following numbers:

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614-460-3719    614-460-3890

10TV Sales Management

Email anyone below by clicking on their name, all phone numbers in the 614 area code

Paul Ballinger

Director of Sales 460-3874

Pat Wise

10TV National Sales Manager 460-3793

Butch Moore

Director of Corporate Sales 460-3767

Mike Stone

Interactive Advertising Manager at 10TV 469-6196

Colby W. Crall

10TV Account Team Manager 280-6311

Chris Merkle

10TV Account Team Manager 280-6326

Carol Triplett

Traffic Manager 460-3791

10TV Sales Support Team

Rafidah Brewster

Administrative Sales Assistant 280-6311

Veronica Papp

WBNS-10TV Local Sales Assistant 460-3341

Gardy Sweetman

10TV National Sales Assistant 460-3812

Ross Miller

WBNS-10TV Research Coord. 460-3349

10TV Account Executives

Holly Cole


Leslie Gill


Ryan Hayes


Jon Myers


Ashley Vukovic


Traffic Department Email

Or fax traffic instructions to 614-460-2860