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Nearly 340 Measles Cases Now Reported In Nine Ohio Counties

The measles outbreak in Ohio has reached 339 cases in nine counties.

Fri Jun 20 11:04:21 EDT 2014

Ohio now has 339 reported measles cases

Fri Jun 20 07:00:08 EDT 2014

Central Ohio Mumps Outbreak Is Now Over 400 Cases

More than 400 mumps cases have now been reported across Central Ohio.

Mon Jun 02 16:20:44 EDT 2014

How One Unvaccinated Child Sparked The Minnesota Measles Outbreak

A measles outbreak in Minnesota offers a case study of how the disease is transmitted in the United States today.

Wed Jun 11 11:51:42 EDT 2014

Morrow County To Offer Free MMR Vaccinations

The vaccine protects against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.

Tue May 20 15:08:54 EDT 2014

Cluster of Mumps Cases Reported At Worthington Kilbourne High School

Unvaccinated students are being told to stay home amid three cases now reported at the high school.

Wed May 21 04:36:41 EDT 2014