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Man Charged For Injuries To Burned Baby Who Had To Lose Leg

A man is being charged for allegedly injuring a baby that had to have his leg amputated following severe burns.

Tue Feb 18 17:47:24 EST 2014

Ohio Man Pleads Guilty to Assault of Burned Infant

A young man accused of burning his girlfriend's 5-month-old son so badly that part of the child's left leg had to be amputated has pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge in central Ohio.

Tue Oct 07 18:44:42 EDT 2014

Burned 6-Month-Old May Lose Part Of His Leg

A 6-month-old child who was burned in a suspected abuse case - may end up losing part of his leg after all.

Mon Feb 03 18:03:00 EST 2014

Child With Severe Burns Returns Home From Hospital

A six month old is home with his family after nearly a month in Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Fri Feb 14 18:51:05 EST 2014

6 Month Old Treated For Burns, Broken Bones In Possible Abuse Case

Police are investigating a case of possible child abuse that landed a baby in the hospital with burns and broken bones.

Tue Jan 21 09:59:06 EST 2014