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Man Accused In 'Hilltop Creeper' Case To Get New Attorney

The man accused of being the 'Hilltop Creeper' will be getting a new lawyer before his trial. Find out more.

Thu Apr 04 17:52:24 EDT 2013

‘Hilltop Creeper’ Suspect Indicted By Grand Jury On 9 Counts

A Grand Jury returned a nine count indictment against the man that police are accusing of being the ‘Hilltop Creeper.”

Fri Oct 05 09:32:10 EDT 2012

Arrest Made Of Suspect In 'Hilltop Creeper' Case

Police believe they may have identified the man suspected to be the 'Hilltop Creeper' who has been breaking into homes while victims slept.

Wed Sep 26 06:28:48 EDT 2012

'Hilltop Creeper' Pleads Guilty, Given 20 Year Sentence

A man who was on trial for being the 'Hilltop Creeper' has pleaded guilty to the charges against him.

Wed Feb 19 15:06:38 EST 2014

911 Call Reveals Details About Woman's Encounter With Suspected 'Hilltop Creeper'

Listen to the 911 call from the incident that made a man in custody the focal point of the Hilltop Creeper investigation.

Thu Sep 27 08:29:02 EDT 2012

Police Continue To Investigate ‘Hilltop Creeper’ Incidents

Columbus police are asking for the public’s help gathering information about a pattern of incidents referred to as the “Hilltop Creeper.” Get details from

Tue Aug 07 14:55:31 EDT 2012

$2,000 Reward Offered For Information About Hilltop Creeper

Investigators are offering a monetary reward for information leading to the capture of the so-called "Hilltop Creeper."

Wed Aug 22 17:21:39 EDT 2012

Hilltop Creeper Is An Opportunist, Targeting People When They're Alone

CrimeTracker 10 is taking a closer look at exactly when the Hilltop Creeper strikes and how he is getting into these homes. Read more.

Fri Aug 10 18:20:39 EDT 2012

Police Investigate New 'Hilltop Creeper' Incident

Columbus police confirm they are investigating another incident involving a man referred to as the "Hilltop Creeper." Get the details.

Fri Aug 10 06:45:39 EDT 2012

Police: ‘Hilltop Creeper’ Suspect Confessed To Crimes

Police say that a man in custody for breaking into a woman’s home has confessed to similar crimes. After following him for weeks, authorities said they believe he is the 'Hilltop Creeper." Get the latest details.

Thu Sep 27 08:29:26 EDT 2012

Police Confirm 19th "Hilltop Creeper" Incident

Police say a woman living in Franklinton became the 19th victim of the "Hilltop Creeper." Follow the story.

Wed Aug 22 13:27:18 EDT 2012

Police Continue Search For 'Hilltop Creeper'

People living in the Hilltop are finding out how to protect themselves from a man dubbed the 'Hilltop Creeper.' Get the story.

Sun Aug 05 09:05:32 EDT 2012

Police: 'Hilltop Creeper' Reports Now Total 15

Police say the man dubbed the "Hilltop Creeper" has struck again. Learn more.

Wed Aug 08 18:55:19 EDT 2012

Police: Man Breaks Into Hilltop Homes, Touches Residents

A warning from Columbus police about a man they believe inappropriately touched several people after breaking into their homes. Learn more.

Wed Aug 01 18:08:25 EDT 2012