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Proposed Bill Would Add Safety Measures to New Ohio School Buildings

While this bill is directed at newly constructed schools buildings, it could also help older ones keep children safe.

Wed Oct 07 19:13:58 EDT 2015

Truth Test: Scott for Mayor and Issue 3's New Ads

10 Investigates examined the contents of a new political attack ad titled “We Need a Mayor We Can Trust.” The ad, paid for by “Friends of Zach Scott” began airing Friday morning on Columbus television stations.

Tue Oct 06 11:04:00 EDT 2015

Correction: Charter Schools-Ohio story

Thu Oct 01 17:15:02 EDT 2015

Mississippi editorial roundup

Wed Sep 30 16:45:02 EDT 2015

Former Columbus Superintendent Gene Harris Enters Plea, Sentenced To Community Service

Gene Harris appeared in court on dereliction of duty charges following the attendance data-scrubbing scandal.

Wed Jan 14 12:29:05 EST 2015

Number Of School Librarians Dropping Fast Across Ohio

The number of school librarians in Ohio has dropped by nearly half in the past 10 years despite studies showing students do better when those jobs are filled.

Mon Jul 27 11:41:28 EDT 2015

Columbus School Data Czar Sentenced To 15 Days In Jail

Steve Tankovich appeared in a Columbus courtroom on Thursday and is now headed to jail.

Thu Dec 11 12:20:48 EST 2014

Former Columbus Schools Data Czar Says Superintendent Didn’t Know

The man who was the center of the Columbus Schools’ data-rigging scandal was on the stand Wednesday.

Wed Sep 24 17:21:38 EDT 2014

The Grade Debate: Are Parents Holding Back Students To Get Ahead?

Getting held back a grade in school used to come with a stigma. Now, experts say more parents are choosing to do it.

Wed Jul 29 21:25:00 EDT 2015


Karina Nova found the best things to grab when shopping this month. Read more.

Fri Jul 17 07:18:00 EDT 2015

Ohio Teachers Retiring This Summer In Large Numbers

Thousands of Ohio teachers are choosing to put down chalk and pick up checks instead.

Thu Jul 16 10:25:05 EDT 2015

Update on the latest in business:

Fri Jul 10 05:45:01 EDT 2015