10TV News Set 1981 v. 2014

Here's a look at pictures from the 1981 10TV News set, as well as our special Election Studio - compared to what you see today.

1981 News Desk

The 1981 News Desk was state-of-the-art for the time. Many sets of the day featured clocks with various time zones, but what you see in this picture are devices for measuring weather information.

2014 News Desk

Today's 10TV News Desk has much more lighting and is more versatile. Reporters and anchors can sit, stand or walk into shots. The monitors can be used to display video and graphics relating to every story.

1981 Weather Maps

In this classic studio shot, you can see how weather maps were magnetic boards that were used before advanced graphics and green screens.

2014 Weather Maps

Today, the Dopper 10 Weather Team uses several state-of-the-art computers, weather programs and live radar to forecast the day’s weather. In place of magnets, 10TV meteorologists use a Chroma Key (Green Screen) that utilizes animations and graphics to deliver the weather to your home.

1981 Interview Set

The studio also had some modern carpeting. Our studio has changed a lot in the years, and today there is virtually no carpet to be seen while a broadcast is going on.

2014 Interview Set

In 2014, the interview set has been transformed into multi-use open space. The area is commonly used during most newscasts on 10TV to deliver the news of the day. The arrows and markings on the floor indicate where anchors and reporters stand during newscasts.

1981 Phones

This photo was taken the night before the Election. Staff would man the phones behind the set to gather election results and news stories from around Central Ohio.

2014 Phones

These phones would have seemed to be science-fiction in 1981. Back then, a user could only dial or receive a phone call. Now, 10TV’s phones can send messages, conference call, hold entire directories and are powered by the internet.

1981 Election Studio

This was 10TV’s set for election coverage. Notice the old “tube” TV behind the anchors, as well as a shared monitor embedded in the anchor desk.

2014 Wall-To-Wall Set

You might notice the election set looks completely different in 2014. That’s because the space has been transformed in the Wall-To-Wall Sports set. Note the camera has a built-in teleprompter that reflects the newscast to the anchors on a mirror near the camera lens.