Tansky Sawmill Toyota Is All About Community


SAFETY AHEAD! Tansky Sawmill Toyota is showing our care for the community by increasing awareness of the dangers of texting and driving at the 10TV Health and Fitness Expo.

At Tansky Sawmill Toyota, we believe we can also be a vehicle for change. That’s why we support programs focused on environmental, education and safety initiatives that help strengthen our communities. FOR TODAY AND FOR THE FUTURE! At Tansky Sawmill Toyota, family owned and operated since 1968, we believe our family is the community. 

Join us at booth 735 at the Expo. We are so proud to be not only the Expo’s Presenting Sponsor this year, but also the sponsor of the Expo’s Distracted Driving Simulator.

Make striving to drive without distractions a family effort. As a parent of a new driver, you are their single biggest influence behind the wheel. Yes, learning to drive is an exciting time for your teen. But this can be a great opportunity for you and your child to connect and make a pledge after experiencing this TRUE REALITY in the Distracted Driving Simulator! 

Tansky Sawmill Toyota and Scion is located on the corner of State Route 161 and Sawmill Road. We are currently re-building our location to be a Leeds Certified Green Facility by December of 2012! Stop by and check out the changes we’re making!

Our thoughts are COMMUNITY DRIVEN. Help us steer our community in the right direction!