Time To Get Organized For School

Professional organizer Julie Riber says that being prepared is the most important piece of advice she has for students and parents alike as we approach the start of the school year.

"The first thing you want to do -- maybe on a rainy day in August -- you find time to go through the old clothes," Riber said. "More than likely, the jeans or pants are going to be too short or too tight, so you need a list of what you need."

Riber, a parent, said it's also critical to organize and keep track of school, sports and activity schedules.

"You can see all the things are on the board," Riber said. "The menus, their baseball schedule, the school schedule so I know every day they have off. Every day they're going to be let off early or start late or have the whole day off school."

She told 10TV's Patrick Bell that parents should get children into a routine, from putting shoes away to hanging coats and bags on racks. Riber said to remember to get things done the night before.

"Showers, getting ready, getting dressed, if you lay their clothes the night before -- especially in elementary school -- it helps them decide what to wear," Riber said. "In the morning, they're not struggling to get up and you're not rushing around trying to get ready for work and making their lunches. You have it done the night before. You stick it in the fridge, pull it out and you're ready to go."

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