Ohio State University Solid Waste Procedures

  • Ohio State has stringent procedures managed by the university’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office to ensure that chemical and biological waste from our research facilities and any other hazardous waste from other academic facilities are properly disposed.
  • This waste is packaged separately in bags, boxes and containers designed for this type of waste, and is handled by a team from EHS. It is stored in a special facility (not located at the university solid waste facility), until it is picked up by a contractor for proper disposal.
  • All waste from the Wexner Medical Center is handled separately by a private contractor that physically removes the entire container of waste from the medical center campus. It is taken offsite for proper disposal and is not mixed with other university waste.
  • The university facilities team that is responsible for trash collection does not have the needed equipment to access the waste containers at the Wexner Medical Center.
  • All of Ohio State’s solid waste workers are OSHA trained to be able to identify and properly handle chemical, biological or hazardous waste in the unlikely event that it would be mixed with the trash stream.
  • The driver who picked up the trash that was being sorted this week took it to our solid waste facility and has confirmed that there were no medical or hazardous waste bags included in the trash that he dumped and spread out at the facility to be sorted.