CrimeTracker 10 Safety Special


CrimeTracker 10 provides you with tips and ideas to keep your family and your home safe.

Growing Number Of Burglars Targeting Central Ohio Homes

Statistically, there’s a home break-in in Columbus every hour. Find out what you can do to protect yourself.

Homeowners Can Now Monitor Their Belongings Through A Number Of Apps

More and more security systems can be monitored through the use of smart phone apps.

Undercover Cops Pose At Burglars To Show How Environmental Design Can Prevent Crime (PART 1)

Two undercover police officers pose as burglars to demonstrate how CPTED can help uncover burglars hiding around your home.

Neighborhoods Come Together To Help Each Other Fight Crime

Most of us are concerned primarily with crime that strikes close to home in our own neighborhood.

More Women Seeking Self-Defense Classes To Protect Themselves

Women are taking safety into their own hands by studying self-defense and practicing in case of an attack.

Reported Cases Of Child Enticements In Columbus Is On The Rise

Columbus police tell 10TV that in 2013, officers investigated 34 reported cases of child enticement.

Central Ohio School Districts Consider Arming Teachers

Following Sandy Hook, some administrators decided to make changes in how teachers react to a school shooting.

Citizens Can Ride Along With A Police Officer To Learn More About Crime Where They Live

Police say citizens are welcome to ride along with an officer, and they never know what will happen. Read more.

Columbus Home Redesigned To Make It Less Appealing To Criminals (Part 2)

Watch what happens when officers redesign a home to make it less of a target for criminals.