Take a look back into the WBNS-10TV Video Vault

1970 Circleville Pumpkin Show

The 10TV Video Vault opens up to see what the Pumpkin Show was like in 1970 as reported by Ann Sherwood.

Kei Kamara

Take a look back at Kei Kamara's run with the Crew from 2006-2007.

VIDEO VAULT: Arnold Statue

Watch the first time the Arnold Schwarzenegger statue was dedicated in Columbus.

Derek Jeter As A Clipper

As the famed Yankee plays his final games, 10TV looks back at his ties with Columbus.

Buckeyes Head To 1971 Rose Bowl

The 10TV Video Vault features coach Woody Hayes and the OSU Buckeyes as they head to the 1971 Rose Bowl.

Woody Hayes 1976

A collection of interviews and highlights from several games in 1976.

1991 Santa Maria Arrives

The Video Vault takes you back to the construction of the Santa Maria in Columbus.

Woody Hayes Song

He was so inspired by a speech given by Woody Hayes' wife, Anne, that Dick Becker of Columbus decided to write a song about Woody and the Buckeyes.

1963 Fashion Show

The 10TV Video Vault finds the fashions of the 1960s.

1952 Ohio State Fair

Look back at the Ohio State Fair in 1952 with the 10TV Video Vault.

1963 Ohio State Fair

Take a look back at the Ohio State Fair in 1963 with the 10TV Video Vault.

1955 Ohio State Fair

The 10TV Video Vault takes you back to the Ohio State Fair in 1955.

Video Vault: Gene Walker

10TV's Jerry Revish interviews Columbus jazz legend Gene Walker.

Flippo Open

Here's one of the opening segments for the Flippo Early Show.

Flippo and Santa

Flippo and the kids visit Santa at Westland Mall

Flippo Clown Contest

Check out Flippo the Clown as he hosts a clown contest.

Flippo Early Show

Take a look back at Flippo the clown in the 10TV Video Vault.

Flippo Birthday

Flippo was an iconic figure for Columbus TV programming for children.

2001 LeBron Interview

LeBron James sits down with 10TV in 2001 as a high school sophomore to talk about his future.

WEB EXTRA: 1981 Officer Shooting

Watch 10TV's coverage of a probation related shooting in 1981.

10TV VAULT Robinson Conviction

Take a look back at when Gerald Robinson was convicted for killing a nun.

COSI Hall Of Presidents

The 10TV Video Vault looks back to the debut of the Hall of Presidents at COSI.

Chuck Strickler First 10TV Report

10TV's Video Vault looks back at the first report by 10TV's Chuck Strickler.

Jeb Magruder Interviews

Jeb Magruder, the man who claimed to have heard President Richard Nixon order the Watergate break-in, speaks to 10TV over the years.

Columbus Zoo 1950s

Watch this Video Vault from the Columbus Zoo just after Colo was born.

1962 Mother's Day With Clara Glenn

The 10TV Video Vault takes us back to 1962 when John Glenn's mother was named Ohio Mother of the Year.

Beulah Park 1962

Hall of Fame Jockey Eddie Arcaro visited Beulah Park in 1962. He was the only rider to have won the U.S. Triple Crown twice.

Video Vault: Mike Bales

The 10TV Video Vault goes back and revisits the former Buckeye goaltender.

1962 Worthington Tour

The 10TV Video Vault is stepping back into 1962 to see buildings and cars in Worthington.

Jerrie Mock

The first woman to fly solo around the world.

Columbus Boys Choir In 1950

The Easter Special from 1950 by the Columbus Boys' Choir in the 10TV Video Vault.

1975 Baton Twirling Competition

The 10TV Video Vault goes back to 1975 when St. John's Arena held a National Baton Twirling Competition.

Columbus Owls Of 1975

The 10TV Video Vault looks back at the Columbus Owls hockey team.

Video Vault: Columbus Crew

10TV video vault takes us back to 1996 when the Columbus Crew kicked off its inaugural season

1975 Battelle Laser

In 1975, the hope of scientists was that the laser would solve the world's energy problems.

Xenia Tornado

Several years after a tornado struck Xenia, 10TV did a series of reports looking at the town.

Barn Raising

A 1975 barn raising helped a family in need after a fire.

Mullins Boys

The 10TV Video Vault uncovers two stories with the Mullins boys, courageous young men who didn't let birth defects slow them down.

Japanese Tea House

The 10TV Video Vault takes a tour of the Japanese Tea House when it stood in Westerville.

I-71 Opens In Columbus

The 10TV Video Vault visits 1960, when ceremonies were held to open Interstate 71 through Columbus.

Parades Of The Past

The 10TV Video Vault takes a look back at St. Patrick's Day parades from 1960, 1962, and 1964.

1975 Early Live Shots

In 1975, 10TV unveiled RapidCam which allowed reporters to go live from news scenes and events around Central Ohio.

1963 Steel Jungle Documentary

10TV historic documentary took viewers behind the scenes of the Ohio Penitentiary.

Columbus Library 1963

In 1963, 10TV was covering the new bookmobiles coming to the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

COSI Opens

WBNS-10TV looks back 50 years to the opening of COSI.

Columbus' Union Station

Footage of Columbus' Union Station and its ensuing demolition.

Woody Rumors

10TV meets with Coach Woody Hayes in 1975 to prove that he is not ill.

Gas Shortage Classes

In 1977, schools were cancelled for a month due to a natural gas shortage.