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Sins of the system: 'Immediate need' in seminary database faces years of delays

Nearly two months after that news conference, 10 Investigates attempted to find what progress was made on pledges by Columbus Catholic leaders. 10TV found a lack of details and the existence of delays likely to postpone progress for more than a year.

Olentangy superintendent pledges action after 10TV investigation

Mark Raiff sat down with 10 Investigates after declining an interview when its series Failure To Protect aired April 28.

State law loophole allows predator teachers to stay in class

10 Investigates discovers why schools aren't passing on parental complaints to state officials and shows what parents can do to protect their children.

Josephinum trustees approve to overhaul admissions process to thwart predators

Pontifical College Josephinum held a news conference to address questions about announced policy changes for incoming seminarians.

New fire station, improved rec centers targeted in new budget

Some of the next targeted fixes for Columbus in 2016 are slatted in areas that Central Ohio families use and rely on the most.

Ohio is moving closer to new restrictions on abortions

House Bills 417 and 419 would ban the practice of fetal autoclaving, which takes remain or waste and turns them into an unrecognizable powder-like material.

Despite pledge to reduce backlog, delays for veterans continue

What happened with the benefits backlog after the VA Secretary pledged that veterans would no longer wait months or years for their disability claims to be processed?

Convicted murderer missing for hours before public notified

A convicted murderer was on the lam for more than three hours in the Nelsonville area before law enforcement authorities were notified, records obtained by 10 Investigates shows.

Number of state employees shrinking; payroll grows to $3 billion

The Ohio Department of Administrative Services released the earnings today, which includes a breakdown of earnings by employee and how much the state is paying out in overtime.

Josephinum to overhaul selection process to thwart predators

Pontifical College Josephinum held a news conference to address questions about announced policy changes for incoming seminarians.

Children at Risk: Drug Epidemic Affecting Child Safety

As the heroin epidemic continues to reach staggering levels in Ohio, more children are being caught in the crosshairs.

Congressman debating high food benefits balances following 10 Investigates story

While some Ohioans wait months to get food assistance, others are going for months adding food benefits they don't need.

Ohio’s Film Tax Credit: Boom or Bust?

This year the Ohio Film Tax Credit will give away $20 million in tax credits to lure Hollywood film makers to Ohio.

Kasich Signs Bill Diverting Planned Parenthood Funding

The move from the Republican presidential candidate was expected, but he made it official Sunday.

Gun Law Gaps: The Cost Of Illegal Gun Possession

Federal law prohibits people with misdemeanor domestic violence convictions or protection orders from possessing firearms. But as 10 Investigates discovered, this federal law is rarely enforced.

State Developing Action Plan After Legionella Bacteria Found in State Building

New test results show that legionella bacteria was found in a location in the Rhodes Tower.

Ohio House Passes Legislation To Require Mandatory Prison Sentences For Sex Offenders

House Bill 405 establishes a mandatory prison sentence for soliciting a child under 13 years old to engage in sexual activity.

Ohio House Of Representatives Vote To Defund Planned Parenthood

The House of Representatives voted 59-32 in favor of defunding.

Former Ohio Treasurer’s Office Called “Rotten” With Alleged Corruption

History is changing a bit for former Ohio Treasurer and Franklin County Commissioner Candidate Kevin Boyce.

Ohio Attorney General's Planned Parenthood Statements Based On Misinformation

Autoclaving experts and Kentucky state inspectors say Attorney General Mike DeWine was wrong about Planned Parenthood allowing fetal remains to be sent to a landfills.

Will Ohio Keep Records On Women Getting Abortions?

Ohio House Bill 417 would create records about which women have abortions and whether they chose to bury or cremate their fetal remains.

State Lawmaker Won’t Get Federal Clearance Letter

Reports that Ohio Rep. Kevin Boyce would get a letter from federal officials clearing his name were short lived.

Former Ohio Treasurer Says He Was Not Involved in Bribe Meeting

Rep. Boyce told gathered reporters at his Columbus house that he denied claims he was in the 2010 meeting where Security Exchange Commission agents say bribes were discussed.

Local Redflex Lobbyist To Be Sentenced

A sentencing date for Columbus’ red light camera lobbyist John Raphael has been scheduled for March 30.

Feds Going After Bank Executive For Money Owed to Ohio

The SEC is going after a Boston bank executive to pay back the state of Ohio, saying the executive is linked to a scheme that funneled bribes intended to sway business with the Ohio Treasurer’s Office.

How The City Of Columbus Dodges Paying For Potholes

City records show the city of Columbus only paid one damage claim of $231.75 to a driver since 2013.

Effects Of New Regulations On Private Gun Sales Unclear

Buying a gun through on line sales is fast and easy – with no documentation required or regulations to follow. But will it stay that way?

Unmonitored and Unregulated: Online Gun Sales Akin To The Wild West

Rules for private gun sales are few and far between, but not locations where sales are taking place.

U.S. Attorney's Office Clears Mayor Coleman Of Wrongdoing In Sale Of Home

The U.S. Attorney’s Office confirmed today that Coleman was sent a letter saying he was cleared of any potential wrong-doing connected with the sale of his home.

Biweekly Mortgage Payments Suspended (Updated)

10 Investigates explores different ways to pay off mortgage faster.

10 Investigates Examines How Deportation Plans Affect Local Immigrants

Javier Jaranillo-Chavez has been called many things: Auto Mechanic. Grandfather. Illegal Immigrant. Undocumented American.

27 Congress Members Demand Action On SNAP Balances Revealed By 10 Investigates

10 Investigates found 41 households with balances between $7,000 and $10,000. 14 households have $10,000 or more.

Fire-Damaged Recycling Plant May Get Second Chance Despite Neighbor Objections

Residents living in a south Columbus neighborhood are concerned that a recycling plant plans to rebuild after one of the city's largest fires in decades.

State Steps In To Help Fix Lewis Center Home Sliding Toward Creek

"We're not going to go in the creek," exclaimed homeowner Dick DeWeese. Most homeowners don't have to worry about that. For the DeWeese's, that was only one of many concerns.

Ohio Latinos Optimistic About Immigration Changes

Friday marks one year since President Obama announced his executive action on immigration.

Top Lobbyist Owes Several Years Back Taxes

The man at the center of the Columbus red light camera scandal is in trouble for another reason.

VA Secretary Commitment On Backlog Falling Short

The Secretary of the Veteran's Affairs made a commitment to the nation, that veteran's benefits backlogs would be clear by the end of the year.

Congressman: Ohio Needs 'Use It Or Lose It' Legislation To Fix Food Assistance Program

10 Investigates discovered the large balances are not from fraud. Instead, it's government assistance going to people who aren't using it while others who could use food assistance go without.

Feds Demand New Answers On Alleged Toxic Turf

Arsenic, Cadmium, Nickel and Benzene: all four chemicals are in the crumb rubber that provides cushion on artificial turf fields.

Federal & Ethics Questions Remain After Ginther Election

When former Redflex lobbyist John Raphael stepped out of a federal courthouse last month, he did so without naming any names of elected officials involved in his alleged extortion case.

Dueling Complaints On Eve Of Columbus Mayoral Election

Ginther and Scott supporters file complaints on non-profits allied with candidates.

The Trouble With Turf: 10 Investigates Uncovers Impact Dangers

Many Ohio high schools replaced their natural grass fields with artificial turf. 10 Investigates found three quarters of Franklin County school districts now use artificial turf fields in one capacity or another.

10 Investigates: Turf Trouble - Thursday at 5:45 p.m.

10 Investigates compiles the first-ever database looking at scores of local high school fields, so you can see how local turf fields rate. We also take a look at what is and should be done to protect your children.

Schools Often In Dark About Fired Teacher Applicants

10 Investigates found lack of legal direction when it comes to what information school districts can share about teachers who were fired for reasons that did not rise to the level of criminal prosecution.

Truth Test: Scott Ad Doctored Image Of Ginther

A political ad that is said to be a parody of a mayoral candidate goes too far in taking liberties with the truth, a 10 Investigates Truth Test finds.

Truth Test: Issue 3 Ad Grossly Overstates Economic Impact

The new television ad from Responsible Ohio features entertainer Nick Lachey – one of the more well-known investors behind Issue 3.

Truth Test: Columbus Zoo Claims Major Layoffs If Levy Fails

The Committee for the Columbus Zoo Levy’s began airing the ad in support of Issue 15.

Truth Test: The Debate Over Marijuana Candies

A new ad opposing marijuana is appearing on television with three claims about the ballot issue that could legalize the drug in Ohio.

10 Investigates Discovers Families With Massive Food Benefit Balances

While some Ohioans struggle daily to keep food on their shelves, others have amassed amounts large enough to feed a small army – literally.

New Details Emerge in Federal Attempted Bribery Scandal

An email implicating an unnamed elected official surfaced today in unsealed court documents.