Debating the Debate

Posted Oct 3, 2012 Tracy Townsend | 0 comments

        Debate Night in America.  Tonight the two major presidential candidates will debate in Denver, Colorado.  It's the first of three meetings.   They've played the game of low expectations-- each of them choosing self-deprecation in regard to their own ability.  The excitement is palpable as this is the first time the two have met face to face.  In fact, in some research I've seen the two men have literally have only met face to face one, in passing.  Obviously they go at each other when they're on the stump but tonight it's a different story.  Political nerds and junkies will watch and dissect every word but it's critical that those who only pay attention to politics on election day are watching closely too.  Pundits say there is plenty to watch for tonight:  what the candidates say about jobs, taxes, healthcare, and Medicare.  Much is being made about zingers-- who will be able to land one on their opponent.  My thought is forget the zingers... let's hear some substance.  Election day is almost here!

       Our Voters Guide is available for you to use-- it's especially helpful if you're planning to vote early.  I'm really impressed with the comparison feature.  There is something to be side for seeing the candidates' views, side by side on various subjects.  Here's a link to the site