Romney's Back with The Golden Bear

Posted Sep 26, 2012 Tracy Townsend | 0 comments

The eyes of the country-- at least those watching the presidential race-- are on Ohio this week.

Both candidates are criss-crossing the state.  Today Governor Mitt Romney is in the Columbus area-- speaking at Westerville South High School.  He's spotlighting a favorite local son-- golf great Jack Nicklaus.  I'm seeing signs that say, "The Golden Bear for Romney/Ryan."   Nicklaus told the crowd he hasn't given raises to employees for last four years and has had to let go of a significant number of employees.  He believes Mitt Romney understands the small business owner.  Nicklaus drew the comparisons between he and his wife and Romney and his wife:   decades of marriage, the same number of children, and a lot of grandchildren.   "It's time for a new president someone who is not afraid to say, 'yes I will'" said Nicklaus.  "I'm so very proud to be sharing the stage with my friend, Mitt Romney."

Once Mitt Romney took the stage, he told the crowd he's especially touched by Nicklaus' support and words because he's not a politician.  Both men say the election is about their children and grandchildren. 

Romney recalled his Olympic experience-- running the games, not participating-- and used it as a starting point to say he knows how to work across party lines and with people who have different ideas.  Clearly the campaign is refocusing its message and painting Romney as someone who can work across party lines and President Obama as one who cannot-- and then blames others.  Romney referred to remarks Obama made saying that he couldn't change Washington from the inside only from the outside.   "We're going to give him that chance to be on the outside."