Ohio Dems Day One

Posted Sep 4, 2012 Tracy Townsend | 0 comments

Ohio Democrats are starting day one of the 2012 DNC.  As a swing state, they are attracting some of the Obama administration's biggest names.   This morning they heard from Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.  Her story is one they connect with as Sebelius is a native Ohioan.  Her father, John Gilligan, was governor from 1971 to 1975.  In fact I remember his name very well learning civics and lessons of statehood back in a day.  I'm not going into just how old I was...just remember the name.  Secretary Sebelius talked up healthcar reform and warned delegates to return home to tell their constituents Medicare is at risk under the Republicans.

In addition, the other big name at the breakfast is actress Ashley Judd.  She's quite lovely in person and passionate about politics.  She touched on voter suppression, women's rights and the President's efforts to help children with education.  Tonight Ohioan Joyce Beatty will address the delegation.  She's running for the 3rd District Congressional seat.  We'll talk to her aobut the experience...and yes, I'll blog it.

The agenda is sure to be packed today--gavel sounds at five o'clock this afternoon.