It's a Wrap!

Posted Sep 7, 2012 Tracy Townsend | 1 comments

    Now it's back to the campaign trail... after three days dedicated to making the case for four more years with President Obama in the White House.    Acceptance speeches on Thursday night, in my opinion, were solid rebuttals to what the Republicans rolled out in Tampa, Florida.   In both sets of remarks, Obama and Biden called out specifics from the Romney and Ryan speeches.  I believe one area where the Dems stood out is on the issue of US involvement in Afghanistan.   We didn't hear much about it last week at the Republican National Convention from the nominees.

      All in all, both conventions were carefully staged and choreographed with moments of inspiration.   Having covered four conventions over the course of my career, I am still always excited for the assignment and the challenge of finding interesting ways to share the stories with our viewers.  This year, it was a challenge because ours is a swing state.   At both conventions, that 'status' meant stars of both political parties made it a point to address the delegates at their respective gatherings. 

      There were some moments during both conventions I consider touching and inspirational-- no matter what your party affiliation.   During the RNC, the recollections of regular people on how Mitt Romney touched their lives were revealing and allowed delegates and viewers to see the softer side of the candidate.    In Charlotte, the tribute to Ted Kennedy was powerful as was the moment former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords lead the Pledge of Allegiance. 

     Again, it's now time for the candidates to hit the trail.  Long gone are the days of convention bounces-- it's nearly impossible in these days of hourlong coverage on the three broadcast networks.  My colleague Jim Heath said it best, "The candidates will be tripping over each other in Ohio in th next sixty days."  We'll watch our step too as we cover their every move.