Zanesville Man Says He Was Attacked By Students On A Field Trip

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A man says a jog through a cemetery ended with a trip to the hospital for a collapsed lung.

The Zanesville man says his injuries were the result of a beating from local high school students.

The attack happened Tuesday afternoon in a cemetery near Zanesville Community High School. So far police have not made any arrests.

“He kicked him three times in his ribs with steel toed boots,” says Lexie Sowers, a student at Zanesville Community High School.

The 17-year old says she watched in horror as three of her high school classmates kicked a 45-year old man on the ground.

“I said 'Do you need help up?' He said 'I can't move,'” she says.

Sowers says she saw it happen on the top of this hill without a teacher in sight.

“I was just screaming at the top of my lungs for them, and they came like five minutes later, and they didn't even come to the top of the hill,” she says.

The school district says 18 students from Zanesville Community High School were walking in this cemetery on a break from class.

Three teachers went with them to supervise.

The district says it doesn't know how long the students were out of the teachers' sight when the fight happened.

“It wasn't as long as people think, but how long does it take to beat somebody and a teachers not hear screaming? That's what I'm trying to investigate,” said Zanesville School District Spokesperson Kevin Appleman.

From his hospital bed, the victim - who asked 10TV not name him for his safety - described his injuries.

“I have some cracked ribs, bruised ribs and a collapsed lung, and I'm in a lot pain," he said.

He tells 10TV that the attack in the cemetery was provoked by the students.

“I knew they were coming. I was trying to defend myself, but I was outnumbered."

He admits he started the fight because he felt threatened.

She says the victim kicked and punched one of the students, but she says the students took the fight too far.

“He didn't deserve to get put in the hospital for it,” she said.

The district says until the police investigation is completed, it won't know what action it will take against the students and the teachers involved.

It also says it plans to review its policies on how teachers supervise students off school grounds.