Zanesville Exotic Animals Given ‘All Clear’ During Preliminary Evaluation


Five exotic animals captured in October when a Zanesville man released more than 50 animals and then killed himself were given a clean bill of health on a preliminary evaluation Monday.

The results came the same day an administrative hearing about Ohio’s quarantine order for the three leopards, two primates and bear was delayed.

A spokeswoman for the agriculture department said that the hearing was delayed at the request of Marian Thompson, the owner's widow, who had demanded the appeal hearing.

Thompson has questioned whether the state had the authority to quarantine the animals on the suspicion of potential dangerous infectious diseases, 10TV News reported.

According to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, state veterinarian Tony Forshey reviewed the results of the tests performed on the five animals, which currently are being quarantined at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and said that all of the animals were free of the contagious or infectious diseases for which they were tested.

An ODA spokeswoman said that blood, urine, tissue and fecal samples were tested for things such as Tuberculosis, distemper, toxoplasmosis and herpes.

The animals will remain under quarantine for continued observation for behavioral and clinical signs of rabies, 10TV News reported.

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