YWCA Family Shelter Takes Families Out Of the Cold

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Many people cannot imagine not having a place to call home on a frigid day like today.  

But sadly, one third of families looking for help from the YWCA Family shelter are between the ages of 18 and 24. These are young women and single mothers in need of help finding a place to live.

One mother taking advantage of the YWCA Family Shelter is Shaunice Spillman. This is the last place Spillman thought she and her two-year-old son Donte would find themselves.

"I just knew I was going to have my own place, I was going to be working, have my degree by now,”said Spillman.

Instead, Spillman and her little boy are homeless after moving to Central Ohio from Minnesota. She went on to explain, "I was working for a while and I ended up losing that job and the family situation just got worse...”.

YWCA Family Center director, Angela Stoller-Zervais, says that what is happening to Shaunice and her son is quite common.

Stroller-Zervais described the situation as, "We don't have families who have siblings and families and parents and grandparents that can afford the additional cost of another family”.

The family center is currently sheltering 120 families, but it was built for only 50. Family advocates work to help the families move out of shelter within 20 days.

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