Youth Baseball Association Falls Victim To Credit Card Skimmers


More and more central Ohioans are reporting being victims of a credit card skimmer.

The latest skimmer obtained the credit card numbers belonging to a youth baseball association and about a half dozen people.

All of them now are trying to get their money back.

The families of the West Mansfield Ball Association work hard to raise money for the team.

It was upsetting to many to learn that a scammer skimmed the league of hundreds of dollars.

The bank was the first to notice the out-of-state charges.

“There was New York and Florida. Just some crazy charges,” said Jen Frazier of the ball association. “Two-hundred dollars at a CVS, just places like that. And that’s when the bank let us know that. They knew right away that it was odd for our bank account.”

The U.S. Secret Service says skimming is the most significant problem facing the credit card industry.

Credit card skimming devices are often placed on ATMs, gas pumps or used by employees of a restaurant or store.

No one is certain how the baseball league’s credit card number was hacked, but at least a half dozen other people in West Mansfield told the sheriff that their bank accounts were compromised, too.

For now, their account is frozen, meaning that they cannot pay for uniforms.

“I think it’s pretty low,” Frazier said. “And it’s lazy. And it’s not very nice.”

There are ways to protect yourself from skimming. Experts warn to never let your credit card out of your sight, make sure your card is only swiped once at a register and make sure you hide your pin as you enter it into an ATM or card reader.

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