Young Democrats react to President Obama's farewell speech

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Franklin County Young Democrats held a watch party for President Obama's farewell speech Tuesday night.

It was an emotional night for a lot of people as the president gave his final speech.

Those who packed Lincoln Café said they wanted to hear a message of hope.

“We really want to be inspired again and hear again that message of hope,” said Michaela Burriss. “Many of us are feeling really anxious, fearful.”

Tuesday night was the president's opportunity to say thank you, and for Burriss, it was also about inspiring a younger generation.

“Being able to hear from the president that despite what some of our fears and anxiety might indicate, those things are going to be okay if we believe, if we fight if we stay activated,” said Burriss.

Words of inspiration she says she will carry with her for the next for years.

“We can always count on president Obama to make us feel hopeful,” said Burriss.

“He leaves behind a legacy of equality. I think that's been sort of a cornerstone for his administration,” said Leo Almeida, Chair of the Franklin County Adelante Democrats.

Almeida was born in Brazil and grew up in Ohio.

“For me personally it's been good to see immigration reform,” said Almeida.

Holding on to hope and change was the common theme as Barack Obama gave his final address as the President of the United States.

“What he's been able to accomplish over the eight years, even in the face of opposition and obstruction, has been nothing but short of incredible,” said Kyle Strickland.

“When you have presidents leave office, it doesn't mean that everything that he or she did leaves with them,” said Almeida.

President Obama will be president for another 10 days before President-elect Donald Trump takes office.