Yogi's Hoagies Of Westerville Latest Target In String Of Armed Robberies

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A beloved Westerville business owner was robbed at gunpoint.

Sue Shields, 76, is the latest victim in a string of robberies on the city's north side.

It happened at Yogi's Hoagies on South State Street, when the victim was working alone inside.

Shields has stood behind this counter for 22 years and still doesn't know a stranger.

"Tim! Thanks for stopping in. It was nice meeting you!" Shields said to a first-time customer.

What happened here Tuesday afternoon won't change Sue, but it may change everything else at this long-time Westerville business.

"It was the scariest thing I've ever had happen in my whole life" said Shields. "You have to experience something like that to experience everything that can go through your mind in a second."

Yogi's is a place where customers are treated like family and security is something you feel.

Now that's all changing, after two suspects pointed a gun at Sue's head and demanded all the restaurant's cash.

Yogi's Hoagies is the most recent in a string of armed burglaries along South State Street that Westerville Police believe may be connected to the same two suspects.

Less than a mile away, the Chipotle Restaurant was robbed in a similar manner on November 14.

And just two days before Christmas, the "Deals" store was also robbed.

Investigators say they have a "short list" of suspects they believe are behind all three.

Back at Yogi's, Sue's loyal customers look forward to their arrest.

"The reason we come here? She treats us like family," said Bill Mellinger. "And you've got to be at a pretty low point to put a gun in her face."

True to her character, Sue worries about what might happen to others if the suspects aren't caught.

"Oh, I'm worried to death," Shields said. "I say in my prayers to help these robbers to get caught because somebody's going to get hurt."

At Yogi's, what "Sue Says" goes... according to the many signs that adorn the restaurant walls. But what she asks, might never be answered.

"I would ask them, would you do that to your mother or your grandmother? I can't believe... How could they do that?"

In one of the robberies, the suspects were seen getting away in an older model silver or grey Cadillac with heavily tinted windows.

If you have any information, call Westerville Police.