Yoga For Female Veterans


Many female combat veterans experience a loss of self worth and confidence when they return from war and some are turning to group exercise to get it back.

For centuries, yoga has been used to teach people to live in the moment and achieve balance, now war veterans are using it to find purpose again in civilian life, 10TV’s Andrea Cambern reported.

“Being in combat’s a lot different than just being in the traditional military,” Daniel Hutchinson Director of Ohio Combat Veterans said.

Ohio Combat Veterans is an organization that works to help troops return home. 

Hutchinson said returning troops who have fought on the front lines, often isolate themselves when they return.  The problem is even worse in women.

Staff Sergeant Adrienne Corna spent a year fighting on the front lines in Iraq and said she had seen unhealthy coping mechanisms first hand.

“It’s definitely natural to want to sit at home and turn inward and not reach out to people,” said Corna.  

Corna teaches Yoga to returning warriors to help keep her comrades engaged in life.

“The great thing about yoga, it allows you to find your roots, find stability and structure in your everyday life,” said Corna. “To live in the moment and be grateful for everything you have.”

Ohio Combat Veterans offers a variety of programs for those who return from war.

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