Yellow Cab Drivers Help Franklin County Sheriff Fight Crime


The city's largest taxicab company is rolling out a fleet of crime-fighting vehicles.

The project, called Taxis On Patrol, is backed by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and the Columbus Division of Police and is designed to make cab rides safer.

Norman Scroggins has been driving a taxi for less than a year. He said that he knows what the streets of Columbus sometime have to offer.

"You get everything from the fun, crazy people who are out for the evening, just having a good time and you have people who have been robbed," Scroggins said.

Yellow cab is the first company in the city to participate in the national TOP program.

"It's a block watch on wheels," said Jeff Kates, Yellow Cab president said. "We cover a lot of ground, and unless you're looking for a taxi, you might not see it. So, they see a lot of things a lot of people might not see."

The Columbus Division of Police made a training video to explain how drivers can identify important details if they see something odd.

Scroggins said that the training was informative and would help him while on the road.

"It let me know things to look for like their height, what direction they're going on," Scroggins said.

The TOP program allows Yellow Cab drivers to be an extra set of eyes on the street and to receive information about amber alerts and Be On The Lookouts from police.

Scroggins said that he hopes the program will help him reach his ultimate goal.

"To be safe and go home every evening and just try to provide for myself," Scroggins said.

United Dairy Farmers is a corporate sponsor for the TOP program.

Beginning Dec. 4, UDFs will be staging areas for Yellow Cabs waiting for fares.

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