Worthington Woman Worried After Stroller, Crime-Fighting Tools Stolen

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A woman with an arsenal of crime-fighting tools is finding herself back at square one.  She says she’s victim, once again.

Sandy Laing says she normally feels safe in her neighborhood.  She says knows her neighbors and they know her.

What she doesn't know is who would take something she uses so often, not only for herself, but also for her beloved dog, Marshall.

The fluffy white bichon is more than just a pet to Laing. She says he's like her child, and she protects him every way she can.

“I use the stroller for my dog, so that I can have the mace and the stun gun. And sometimes he gets tired because he's an older dog, and I put him in here and I walk him,” said Laing.

Laing says late one night, she realized the stroller was gone, as were the defensive weapons she kept with it.

“Now, I'm beginning to wonder about my safety in walking my dog,” said Laing.

Laing says this isn't the first time she’s been given a scare with her stroller. She says several months ago, she found a bullet sitting on top.

Laing says she bought the stun gun and the mace after her previous dog was attacked and killed, while on a walk.

Then, she says she felt helpless, but she says she doesn’t feel that way anymore.

“If something attacks him, you have to be quick. Grab this and just do it,” said Laing. “So with this little guy, I'm just very hesitant or protective because I feel like I failed in not saving my dog and had I had one of these, I feel I could have.”

Laing says she did not let the thieves keep her down.  

She says she quickly bought another stroller, another stun gun and more mace.  

She says she’s armed and ready.

She just hopes she doesn't have to put it to use.

Laing says responding Columbus police officers warned her and her neighbors to be aware of their surroundings and report anything or anyone unusual in the area.

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