Worthington Teen To Be Tried As Adult In Kidnapping, Assault Case


A Worthington student, with a history of drug abuse and unruly behavior, will be tried as an adult for a violent crime, which left a girl nearly dead.

On Friday, Judge Dana Preisse decided Joseph Lyons, 18, should be tried as an adult even though he was 17 at the time of the alleged crime.

The victim's mother, who asked not to be identified for her daughter's protection, says Lyons was a friend of her daughter's at a Worthington High school.

Last July, Lyons and her daughter were sitting in his car in her neighborhood.

"Started beating her out of the blue and she grabbed his hands and asked him, 'what are you doing?'" said the mother. "He grabbed her by the neck and then put another hand inside her mouth and lacerated her throat and suffocated her."
The pictures are horrendous.  She passed out from the beating.  Police say Lyons threw her in the trunk but she came to inside and frantically called her mother.

"It was really horrible.  It was like a nightmare,"  said the mother, "I answered the phone and she was screaming desperately."

Her daughter ended up at Alum Creek park.  She told her mom she was punching the inside of the car and Lyons finally just let her go.

"She still has nightmares, sometimes she screams in the middle of the night,"  said the mother. 

As her daughter deals with the mental anguish, the family is learning more about Lyons' past.  Several offenses for drugs and violence, but never given serious punishment.  This mom is relieved he'll be tried as an adult this time.

"Somebody else maybe wouldn't be so lucky as she was,"  said the mother.

Lyons sat in court in tears, while the defense attorney tried to convince the judge that he needs to be tried in the juvenile system.

"He's savable not because he comes from a perfect family. But he comes from a family, a good family that cares, and a family that supports him," said defense attorney, William Ireland.

Lyons is now being held on a $300,000 cash surety bond.  He faces charges of kidnapping, felonious assault, and aggravated robbery.