Worthington Police Targeting Dangerous Roads, Intersections

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Worthington police are trying to reduce crashes by targeting enforcement in their community.

“When you have people around, accidents happen, things fly in all directions,” said Lt. Jerry Strait of the Worthington Division of Police.

Now, police are stepping up their defense.

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission routinely identifies the most dangerous intersections in our area.

For the city of Worthington, two of the worst were High Street at East Dublin-Granville Road, and just north of there at High Street and Wilson Bridge Road.

“We try to tell everybody these are dangerous intersections. You need to look at these intersections and be aware that there are problems there,” said Strait.

The department set out on a traffic crime reduction program which meant:
1.    Analyzing the engineering to see if changes were needed in traffic lights or signs
2.    Educating motorists calling these two target enforcement areas
3.    Strictly enforcing offenses of tailgating, speeding and running red lights..

There are a lot of variables that can make an intersection dangerous, including the time of day, the time of year, weather, and even construction projects.

The City of Worthington has been tracking the numbers since the program started and is very happy with the direction they're going.

Statistics show that the numbers are down significantly for dangerous incidents in these areas.

“The overall accidents by 12 percent, but the injury accidents by 24 percent, so if we can keep people from getting hurt - I think that's our priority, added Strait.

Worthington police say they're here to stay, and most of the public welcomes the increased raised presence.

“We can't be everywhere at once, but when we do get an identified area, we take enforcement action if necessary.”

Worthington has added a few other high-volume intersections that it monitors on a rotating basis.

They say to prevent crashes, drivers should slow down, pay attention, don't follow too closely and don't try to beat that light.