Worthington Industries Named Best Large Workplace In Columbus

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Many of us have fantasized about the perfect job.

But what you do may take a backseat to where you work, if you enjoy your job.

This week, 10TV takes a look at the top workplaces in our community. 

It's the second annual poll conducted by our sister publication, Columbus CEO Magazine.  The May issue will highlight top companies in small, medium, and large categories.

The winner of the Top Large Organization in 2014 goes to Worthington Industries, Inc.

It's lunch time for Jane McBride and Geri Fifer, but instead of eating lunch, they're dropping it off to clients of Meals on Wheels.

"It's one lunchtime a month, and so it's a very little obligation, but it means so much to the residents that we deliver to,” says McBride.

They work at Worthington Industries, a place that encourages its employees to give back to their communities.   The international company makes a wide range of steel products; everything from propane tanks to cabs for heavy equipment. It was founded in 1955 and still clings to the philosophy of its founder.

President Mark Russell says people are the company’s most important asset.  He says Worthington Industries hires above average people and offers above average benefits, including haircuts in the factory barber shop, and use of a corporate gym.

But he says for workers, the most popular benefit is profit-sharing.  "They get a cut of the profits, and that aligns everybody's interests really nicely.”

The workers like Geri also appreciate the chance to move up and try new jobs within the same company.  “I think it helps me grow in what I do, and I really enjoy that people that I work with. And it's offered me a lot of opportunity as well."

Tomorrow, 10TV will highlight the top workplace in the medium size category.

You can get the list of all the winners in the May edition of Columbus CEO Magazine.