Worthington City Schools Supports Keeping Common Core Standards

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The Worthington School Board says no to repealing the common core standards.  They unanimously passed a resolution.

On the Thomas Worthington football field there are constants: passes thrown, catches made, touchdowns scored.

But every so often, the playbook changes.  Not a big deal when you're talking a couple dozen kids, but changing the playbook for a district is another story.

"It took us three years to write a common core curriculum,"  said school board vice president Mark Schar.

Schar says House Bill 597 would do away with the standards.  It calls for adopting temporary standards used in Massachussetts in 2010, then developing new standards two years later.  Three curriculums in four years.  The first would have to be written in six months.

"We would have to write the curriculum, we would have to find resources, buy textbooks, it would be a colossal undertaking in a compressed timeline,"  said Schar.

The board drafted a resolution to say no to HB 597, but not all parents agree.

"I just don't understand, as a district, why you would want to fight the people who are fighting to empower you,"  said parent Kate Whitesel.

Whitesel says HB 597 allows districts to have an input in the drafting of standards.  That is what mom Lee Hunter wants also.  She nearly came to tears about the current math curriculum.

"It made me so sad to see my son, who loved math, reduced to tears every night when we were trying to do the math,"  said Hunter.

But Schar, the superintendent and other board members say students' performance tells a different story.  They think common core is working and so do other parents.

"It provides a really consistent educational experience for students,"  said mother Tina Clemens.

"We are going to achieve at the highest level in recent memory and perhaps ever,"  Schar said.

Marysville City Schools, Newark City Schools and Olentangy Local Schools support keeping Common Core Standards. The superintendent of Marysville City Schools will testify before lawmakers on Wednesday. Teachers from Olentangy Local Schools will speak Tuesday.