Woman Works At Schmidt’s For Almost 50 Years

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“Herzliche Wilkommen zu Schmidt's Wursthaus.”

That’s the kind of heart-felt welcome Theresa Marklstorfer offers to people who visit Schmidt’s in German Village – known for its decadent desserts and sausage.

“We have a whole case full of Bahama Mamas.”

Theresa has called Schmidt’s her work home since the restaurant opened in 1967.

“A lot of people say ‘Theresa you're still here - we remember you way back,’” said the long-time employee.

“It was my dad's first hire and he stole Theresa from a competitor here in German Village. I will not tell you who it is, “ said Andy Schmidt.

Theresa was not sure she wanted to make the move -- even after she did.  When she mentioned that to Mr. Schmidt, he told her she’d “get used to it.” And, she did.

The German-born woman is still with the restaurant decades later.

At the age of 90, she has no plans to give up her job.  It’s too much fun.

Over the years, she’s worked with her daughter and she’s evolved from server to hostess. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Theresa puts on her dirndl and her walking shoes to work the floor.

With her kindness, work ethic and dedication to Schmidt’s, it’s no surprise her face is on a restaurant postcard.

“We love her.  She came on board when I was 12 ,” said Schmidt, “So I worked side by side with her.”

To the Schmidt’s, Theresa is family. The feeling is mutual.  

“I Have a job where, I can look forward to going there,” said Theresa.