Woman Wakes Up Covered In Bed Bug Bites At North Columbus Hotel

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A woman said that she woke up with multiple bed bug bites at a Columbus Hotel.

The woman, who requested anonymity, said that she checked into the Columbus Inn and Suites, located on Zumstein Drive, looking for some peace and quiet.

She said that she could not believe what she found when she woke up a few hours later.

“Hundreds of bugs, all over the computer, on the bathroom walls,” the woman said.

The woman said that she not only had pictures to prove her case, but also bites on her hands, arms, shoulder and face.

“I went to the bathroom and noticed my eye was starting to swell shut and it was itching really bad,” she said.

The woman feared the situation could affect her job, but wanted to speak out.

“I’m embarrassed, I’m disgusted,” she said. “But people need to know what they’re going to sleep in.”

The Better Business Bureau warns any hotel guest to check mattresses and head boards for signs of bed bugs.

To avoid bringing bed bugs into a home, guests should unload luggage into a washer. Items should then be placed in the dryer, on the hottest setting, for at least 20 minutes to kill the bugs.

“We had to drive around looking for another hotel room that had a laundry facility and finally we washed our clothes,” she said.

Hotel representatives said that pest control workers were scheduled to come to the hotel and the woman was given a full refund.

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