Woman Still Seeking Answers After She Was Found In Ditch


Although 29-year-old Holly McMillen has to wear a neck brace, and has visible scars from multiple surgeries, she says she feels grateful.

"I'm alive, so I am thankful for that. But obviously, I am still in a great amount of pain," said Holly McMillen.

Her scars, and pain, all come after she said she left her Morrow County home and took a walk after midnight on March 30.

"I was walking my dachshund, Otis, and I was kind of walking a little far from the house. About four to five miles and it was late, and then all I know is that I woke up in a hospital," said McMillen

McMillen said her dog somehow made it home and that is what alerted her boyfriend that something was wrong.

The Morrow County Sheriff's office said Holly's boyfriend went out looking for her and found her on the side of County Road 14.

Investigators said it is unclear how she ended up there, but her injuries are not consistent with someone who was hit by a car.

They stopped short of saying she was attacked.

Holly said her focus now is on getting better and living what she calls a normal life.

"Yes, I want to get past this, but at the same time I want answers," she said.

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