Woman Says She Was Attacked With Metal Bat, Robbed By Acquaintance


A Columbus woman said she was terrified when a woman she knew attacked her with a baseball bat.

The alleged incident occurred in the parking lot of her apartment complex in north Columbus off of Goldengate Square at about 4 p.m. Wednesday.

“She was like a mad woman, coming at me. Just crazy,” said alleged victim Lashanta Hartman.

Hartman said she was stunned to see a woman that she knew coming at her with a metal baseball bat.

"I’m thinking, ‘She’s stopping for another car,’ and jumps out and starts bashing my window,” Hartman said.

The woman said the other woman bashed in her car in the parking lot. She shattered her front windshield when she wacked the driver’s side window.

When the bat-swinging stopped, the woman robbed her, Hartman said.

“She steals my purse and runs off,” Hartman said.

The alleged victim said that the woman had done this before, but Hartman declined to file a police report because she did not want the woman to lose her job as a temporary employee inside of a state prison medical center.

She said that this time, though, she filed a police report and hopes that the attacks will end.

Hartman said she believed the attack was the result of her relationship with the woman’s ex-boyfriend.

Police have not charged the woman, who 10TV News did not name.

When the department of corrections heard about the accusation, it notified her employee and the woman was escorted off the job.

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