Woman Says Man Videotaped Her In Department Store Dressing Room


Columbus Police are investigating the alleged videotaping of a woman by a man inside a department store changing room.
Ebony Neighbors said she was trying on pants inside a dressing room at the Eastland Mall Macy’s.

She said her pants were off when she looked down and noticed someone holding a cell phone under the partition between the fitting rooms.

“When I looked over, he pulled it back,” Neighbors said.  "Just a lot of things were going on in my mind.  It just creeped me out."

Neighbors said what happened next was even more disturbing.  "He was on his knees with his pants off and I noticed that his legs were white and hairy, so I stood there for like a good two or three minutes to see if he was going to do it again."

Neighbors said when the guy eventually came out, she told a store employee.

The employee went to get security, but by that time, Neighbors said, the suspect had gotten away.
Neighbors described the man as being in his late 20s and about six feet tall.

She said he drove off in a small, black hatchback car.

"You do feel violated because you don't know what he's doing with that picture, what he's doing in there. Or if I stayed in there long enough what he's going to do. Why are you doing that?” Neighbors questioned.

So far no one else has reported being a victim.
In a statement, a Macy's spokeswoman said the company condemns all improper behavior and does everything possible to prevent it, but added, they do not comment on active cases.

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